Knitted Hat for Corolle Dolls

Asian Baby DollMy child loves baby dolls. We always seem to have several underfoot. Including this one. I like the Corolle dolls. They are pricey so I would never buy one, but I won’t say no to hand-me-down ones. Usually by the time we get them, they don’t have any clothing or accessories, so I need to make some things for them to wear. Here is a super simple knitted cap for this size doll. It’s a little tight, because I used superwash wool and I would expect that it will end up stretching over time. The yarn color is my preschooler’s first attempt to dye yarn by herself.

Puya Doll Hat

  • Materials: Small amount (about 20g / 40 yards) of superwash wool or acrylic worsted weight yarn.
  • Long circular needles for magic loop method or double pointed needles (I used size US5/3.75mm) to get the following gauge in stockinette (12 sts for 2 inches/5cm)
  • Yarn needle to weave in ends.

  1. Cast on 48 stitches and join in the round. If using DPN’s, cast on to one needle and then divide on to 3 needles (16 stitches each).
  2. Knit in 1 x 1 rib (K1, P1, repeat around) for 1.25 inches / 3cm
  3. Switch to stockinette (knit all stitches) for another 1.25 inches / 3cm
  4. Start decreases as follows:
    1. k4, k2tog, repeat around (42 stitches)
    2. knit all stitches
    3. k3, k2tog, repeat around (36 sts)
    4. knit all stitches
    5. k2, k2tog, repeat around (30 sts)
    6. knit all stitches
    7. k1, k2tog, repeat around (24 sts)
    8. knit all stitches
    9. k2tog, repeat around (12 sts)
    10. knit all stitches
    11. k2tog, repeat around (6 sts)
    12. k2tog, k2tog (4 sts), then transfer stitches onto a single needle if using DPNs
  5. With the 4 remaining stitches knit an i-cord (knit all stitches then slide the work back to the other side of the needle and keeping the right side facing you continue to knit all stitches.)
  6. Once the i-cord is approximately 2 in / 5cm long bind off as follows: k2tog, k2tog, slide work to other side of needle, knit last two stitches together, cut a short tail for weaving in and pull yarn through last stitch.
  7. Weave in ends and tie i-cord into a jaunty top knot.
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